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Digiconcepts provide customized scalable solutions using an Digilabels electronic shelf labelling system for retail outlets, supermarkets and high product-volume stores.

Digilabels – A Digital Display Solution

The pain point for retail businesses in the daily or weekly fluctuation of prices on the shop floor involves a huge investment of manpower and resources. Retail display solutions using electronic shelf labels – the high-tech alternative to the traditional adhesive paper-based labels, not only save store managers and business owners time and money, it also minimises losses during price adjustments due to human error. Digilabels resolves the problem with a POS System backed up by a range of features which can be customised to simplify and streamline all retail shelf pricing needs.

At the Front Edge – Digilabels Features

Our user interface can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of any retail store making it user-friendly and brand-compatible. Displays on the shop floor can be customised, to maintain a consistency within the store or chain of stores and to adhere to brand imperatives and customer expectations. Digilabels offer the option of a Cloud based system for reduced IT costs, flexibility, easy data recovery and automatic updates. The three colour range of images for the electronic shelf labels are designed to have broad appeal and with integration of the ESL software using the same database software as your POS systems, implementing the Digilabels system is a straightforward task.

Paperless & Seamless – Future Proofing your Business


Expected growth of the electronic shelf label system in the retail industry is estimated to be significant in the next 4-5 years. A paperless system where the reduction of waste is cost-saving for the store as well as an environmental consideration, cannot be underestimated. The gains to making pricing adjustments electronically from one central POS system to the shelf on the shop floor leads to power savings, paper reduction and cuts to functional overheads – the benefits of which can be quantified and validated.

Consumer Facing Technology –
The Customer Connection

The dynamics of an electronic shelf label system go beyond the undoubted benefits to retailers of saving on employee hours and paper-based resources on the shop floor. The agility at which a retail store can electronically change shelf pricing off the back of market trends, competitor pricing and internal management strategies has huge spin-off benefits for consumers. As a consumer-facing technology, the digital tags display with useful product information and pricing, are changed in real time to reassure customers that pricing is accurate and current – the price at check-out always matches the price in the aisle. Digilabels works with retail stores to ensure that their customers will enjoy and benefit from an enhanced in-store experience based on clear, consistent and dynamic electronic shelf pricing technology.

Features & Benefits of Digilabels –
Electronic Shelf Label Technology

Superior Customer Experience – Integrity of shelf price matching that of the checkout price; clarity of labelling; reduced price disputes; faster check-out times; universally applicable and breaks new ground for assisting the vision impaired and elderly people


Superior Employee Experience – Easy to train staff and deploy system efficiently; reduction of price checks and regular price audits; eliminates incorrect price at check-outs creating better across-the-board interaction with customers


Enhanced Corporate Image – Customer confidence in stated price; projecting a pioneering technological approach; demonstrating initiatives that are customer-satisfaction focussed


Price Management Monitoring – Dynamic pricing aiding real time decisions for in-store promotions at times of day, week and in response to competitor activity


Customised Product Range – E-ink three-colour screens for better user-interface brand recognition, clarity and visibility

Reduction of Costs – eliminates paper label costs; significant labour cost savings in shop floor time, price checks and auditing.

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Size - 1.2"

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Size - 2.9"

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Size - 4.2"

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Size - 7.5"

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