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Remote screen operation scheduling
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Connects to POS for retail
& hospitality sectors
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Standardised cross-sector templates
Digilabel Hero ML 2_edited.png
Responsive for special promotions & offers
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Central operation
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Cross platform integration
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Scalable and Economical
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Integrated monitoring system
Digilabel Hero MR 2_edited.png
Functionally simple
to operate
Digilabel Hero ML 2_edited.png
Visually sophisticated
& progressive
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Cloud hosted
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Digiboard provides digital signage solutions for businesses to advertise and inform their markets harnessing an efficient, immediate and visually impressive medium.

Digiboard use digital technology in their display signs, replacing conventional print media methods. With the efficiency that comes out of the immediacy of an electronic screen, your message can be instantaneously “narrowcast” to your target audience within moments of conception from your centralised system. Our customers value the flexibility of our digital displays and the capacity to enhance their image with the creation of innovative and instantaneous displays.

We design and install digital signage large and small for a range of sectors from hospitals, retail outlets, real estate companies, entertainment industry, public transport, tourism ventures and any business which needs an attention-grabbing digital display to appealingly convey their brand and message.

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Landscape format

Digiboard will manage the design, installation and support of all your digital signage needs.

The Benefits of a Digiboard Digital Signboard
  • Scalable and economical

  • Visually sophisticated & progressive

  • Responsive for special promotions & offers

  • Connects to POS for retail & hospitality sectors

  • Central operation

Digiboard Portrait.png
Directional pointer RLU_edited.png

Kindle type - 3 colour

Portrait format

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